My mother called me the other day. She was a bit out of sorts. She lost her own mother almost twenty years ago…and she doesn’t have many days when she feels sad about it because time is a great healer, but also because my grandma led a busy but wonderful, full life and because my mom believes, like many of us, that we will meet again on the other side of Glory. But on this particular day, she was having a rough time. I listened and felt her sadness because I loved my grandma, too.

We all have someone with whom we feel a deep connection…Some we have loved and lost, maybe? One of my favorite books is by a Christian author who told a story of some of the women in the bible who were part of Christ’s story. In The Lineage of Grace, Francine Rivers recounts fictional and historically-based stories about Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Each one of these women have an incredible story from which we can draw strength…but more importantly, each one was necessary to the story of God’s Glory in Jesus Christ’s Victory.

Each of these women faced seemingly insurmountable challenges for reasons we may even be familiar with in our own experience: danger, challenges in their family life, deaths of loved ones, questionable (even somewhat scandalous) situations, journeys from comfort zones and homelands, and fear of what was unknown.

Each of these women, though, had more in common in their stories that made them bigger than those circumstances. Each had a desire of their heart to follow God, to say yes when it was difficult, to selflessly give of themselves when there wasn’t a guarantee of anything. They each risked something: safety, reputation, even death. But most importantly, each of these women were part of the lineage of Christ Jesus. They were all women who were part of the genealogical history of our Savior and so serve in the story of His Glory…and essentially ours.

The book was brought back to my mind recently when I talked with my mom about her mother. We all have so many challenges based on where we came from, what we’ve experienced. In this day and age, we can find strength in learning the stories of women like the ones in Francine Rivers’ book, but also from each other’s stories. Our stories, actually continue His glorious story!!!

There is a connectedness that leads us to lean on each other.

There is a connectedness that leads us to encourage each other in our journey towards a heavenly purpose.

There is a connectedness that draws us to lift each other up, to be an example of love, and to exude strength to the next soul.

I read something that I shared with my mom on that day as we reminisced about her mother and who she was, what she accomplished and the stories she told (for my grandma was a great, Irish storyteller):

Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.” (Morgan Harper Nichols)

We are here for each other…to lift, to point towards God, to encourage fierce love, to embrace the past for lessons taught, and for making an impact on the continuing story of God’s Glory.

Draw in a deep breath now. Bring to mind someone who has played an important role in your story. Imagine your breath entering your lungs and as you breath out, imagine how far that breath goes. Does it reach the next person? Does it fill this room? How much further does that breath, that spirit filled with love go when you move off this mat knowing your important role in the story?


It is an interesting scientific phenomenon that a female fetus is born with all of the eggs she will ever carry. So when your grandmother was carrying your mother in her womb, you were a tiny egg in your mother’s womb.

How amazing that God wanted us to know and feel connected to each other…so that the strength and love and healing of one woman could still be part of another woman’s story…that essentially all stories lead to Him when we continue to point each other in that direction. What a grand task we have to share our story as it is part of HIS.

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