Sometimes I have this habit of revealing my own vulnerability and admitting to people that “I'm a mess”… I’ll find myself explaining my day or my schedule and concluding with “oh my goodness, it’s just a mess” or “I’m a total mess”. It usually follows something particularly difficult—a day that fell apart according to my plans. Teaching a yoga class and forgetting my directives—and having moments in a class not go according to my plans. Or maybe I snap at my husband or kids because I’m exhausted or stressed about something that has nothing to do with them—and somehow something wasn’t in my plan.

It’s a mess. Sometimes I even joke with my friends when they compliment me on something saying something like “well, thank you, but don’t look too closely because it's like a Monet—from far away it looks nice, but up close it’s a whole mess.”

I think that my particular flaws come in the desire to be perfect: to deliver my gifts to people whom I love with the perfection I think they deserve. But many of you have been to my classes and hopefully can feel the love even when I miss a cue for right or left legs, etc.

The thing is, our lives ARE messy!!! Things of this earth, on this side of Glory, I think, are not intended to be perfect….but in the mess that we present, there is vulnerability to each other that makes space for grace to enter in. That is my hope anyway. I hope that God shows me grace in the beautiful people He has put in my path. I also hope that I have the chance to give others that grace when they are a bit less than perfect—when they are a mess.

See, I think that while God has the power to give us all that we need, He leaves a little something to be desired (something maybe only He can give) so that we still look to Him for grace (either in His eyes through other people or in our own eyes when He stares back at us in the mirror). Our whole mess is brought into wholeness ONLY through Him and His amazing grace. He lavishes this grace on our mess when we come to Him, not hiding anything, not covering anything up, but coming to him saying:

“Lord, I need you. I am in need of your love, guidance, and grace. I am making a mess here and I need a little help…ok, maybe a lot of help”

We all know what it feels like to be needed…How much more wonderful do you think God feels when His children recognize their need for Him and His grace and ask Him for it? How excited He must feel to jump in and be able to provide for us what we need? How much joy He must get to hear us call to Him knowing that we are doing it in full vulnerability and hope in Him? He’s just waiting…always sitting there, ready to lean in at any and every moment that His children cry out to Him in their mess.

And, I’m betting that on the other side of Glory, our mess looks as beautiful and magnificent as an actual Monet painting…I’m excited to see my life from His point of view when I get there.

HE alone brings our whole mess into WHOLENESS.

Wrap it up:

Paul reminds us of the wholeness only our God can provide:

It’s by the work of the Holy Spirit within us that we have an opportunity to progress in our souls toward even greater wholeness. Our marred emotions, wills, and thinking can be transformed by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit of God. Sanctification is a process. We become transformed or renewed, day by day, into the likeness of Jesus. (2 COR 3:18, 4:6)

Do you hear this? He makes us Whole! He renews us daily into His likeness when we seek to be near Him, when we call out to Him!

Lord, we call to you in our messiness. We need you everyday to help us remember your commands, your example, and your promises. Remind us, as we try to stay close to you, that you are standing by to help bring our whole mess into wholeness.

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